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Help People to Learn Finance and Money You Earn

Did you know ?
India has 78% financial illiteracy Thousands of people fall prey to financial misselling and frauds.

Did you know the reason?
Becuase they don't have financial knowledge.

NationLearns Money App is India's First and Only App Financial Advisor

What you do?
You sit at home and help people in your network and others to Download the NationLearns Money App.

You help them register and also talk to them about the features and benefits of the App and his tool’s and why one should have financial knowledge and how this app can help or manage and have financial knowledge.

This app and services is absolutely free. So you don’t charge money or sell any product’s.

You get paid in every app registered and how much you get paid in every registration is mentioned in the email and sent on your Email ID upon Sign up with the rules and policies.

So get started you can gain up to 15,000 rs Per week.

Nationlearns money app lets its users take a financial quiz and if they score good they will win exciting prizes. So tell people we are not only giving unbiased financial knowledge, we also let them test their knowledge and win exciting gifts through a scratch card.